Tenured generation/memory leak question

The issue we are having is a memory leak despite there being plenty of space available in the java heap. Looking at the usage, the tenured generation + native memory increases, are similar to that of the application node OS memory (which makes sense as it's the same memory). My point is that as they are increasing at a similar rate the Tenured Generation is not going to be able to get to 60% of total heap space available, which is the trigger point for the major garbage collection. In the screenshot the tenured generation needs to climb another 10GB to hit the 60% threshold, at the current rate the node os memory will have climbed by another 7-8GB (rough calculation), at which point it will crash. So my question is: Is the tenured generation the right place to look and reduce what the app is consuming, or does this point to another issue I need to investigate. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.   image pasted here due to issues I am having uploading images to the forum https://ibb.co/cwq2n08
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