Delete button doesnt work

I get an error contact you administrator every time I click on the Delete button, I tried every thing in order to work, I did a microflow for that button and didn't work , I deleted the button and made a new one and still didn't work, I checked all access for Admin and giving the full permsion to access, entities, and pages, I deleted the data from my laptop and still didn't work. Do anyone has an idea?
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Hey Mohammed,

In the error log there is a log saying 'connector' pls double click on it and send me the stack trace, 

The stack trace you sent earlier was of 'client'. Pls send the 'connector'.

I'll be able to understand your issue then.


You should check your Studio Pro console or the Cloud logging for the specific errors. Usually always because of entity access rights. If you have delete behaviour configured in your domain model (if A gets deleted then also delete B) you also need to check those.