Can a fix URL link to different document attachment dynamically?

My Mendix app can open   document attachments  by using URL links with object id.  Whenever the document is revised, the URL link will be changed to point to the new object id.   Can I use a fix URL and link it to different document attachment dynamically?  So every time users revise the document , they still can access the newer version by using the same URL link? 
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Hi Hong, 

Yes, you can have an attribute that contains the unique URL for each document. We need to make sure that the newer version has the proper URL stored in the file document entity. 

You can use this URL for the user to view the document

I hope this helps


Here is the user case --- the URL link is in a PDF document   downloaded from my Mendix app.  If click the link can redirect to the latest version of the document, then it will save lots of efforts to update the link whenever there is a new version created. I am thinking of using the DeepLink Module.  But not familiar with the module and not sure if it will resolve the problem