append a string with app url

Hi, In my application, I have a custom login page. there I am getting 3 inputs  username password department Now I have a requirement to have a different URL for each department.  Is it possible to have a department name  with the URL . so that while loading the login page I can identify which department is to be loaded.  based on that I can do some UI  ( logo, taglines, colors).   I need to do like this Assume that my app URL is: Now I want to do this : … etc. so if I enter I should be able to identify that I have to load login page with Math department related UI. Is it possible?          
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Hi vijayakumar,

There is a JavaAction GetApplicationURL available CommunityCommons module.

You can use this javaAction to get application URL. Once you get application url create a string variable  to append string in Application URL.