Employee profile pic

I can upload pic to employees if I add them but I can’t add pic to employees I imported from excel when I click edit the browse button for the pic doesn’t function for the employees I imported. Does any one has an idea or just because it is imported data I can’t add pic to them? AS YOU CAN SEE HERE THE FIRST ONE WHEN I CLICK EDIT ON THE EMPLOYEE I CAN’T UPLOAD A PIC AND THE SECOND ONE IF I ADD NEW EMPLOYEE I CAN ADD HIS PIC, NOTE: THE UPPER ONE IS FROM A DATA IMPORTED AND THE SECOND ONE IF I MANUALLY ADD EMPLOYEE
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If you replace your data source for the image picker with a flow that retrieves the associated photo, then you can also add in a check to see if the photo was found, and if not, create a new System.Image object and associate it with the employee in question.