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Hi, I have a client list in my overview page. Upon edit when I change a value (eg: Address: from XYZ to Bangalore) and when I click on sidebar navigation without the saving the changes or cancel the changes, my client overview page shows the new value anyhow the new value is not saved to the database. But when i refresh the entire page my client overview page displays actual data i.e., address : XYZ. Tried refreshing the object as well but that did not work. Please help!   Actual Address Value : XYZ ( Before making changes in the edit page) New Address Value : Bangalore (After making changes and clicking on client in the side bar navigation without saving or cancelling the new changes made)
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it’s probably because the state of the object is not cleared yet. A solution could be to call a rollback action at the proper moment for that specific object. You can also try to retrieve your object(s) “from the database” instead of “from association”