How to create one-to-one and many-to-many associations for building the native mobile app.

Hi All,   As I am building native mobile app, In my scenario I want that one candidate can only have one resume and one profile picture, to achieve this I need to give one-to-one association between candidate entity and resume entity but its not taking. Can anyone help me how to achieve this.   Thanks in advance.   FYI I am sending some attachments      
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HI Tirupati,

What you can do is, you can make 1-* association and while creating an object, you can make sure that one object is only associated to one object of other entity,

this way you’ll be able to achieve it.


Hope it helps!


A little trick I use is to have one 1-* association that I commit on the mobile device and one 1-1 association that I set on the server in an after commit event.