Snapshot on prem

Hi Everyone.   How can I execute snapshot in on prem environment ? I’m using IIS server with Microsoft SQL database.    I’ve followed this documentation   Copied snapshot data directory to IIS data directory. But the snapshot data didn’t come trhough.    Any help would be appriciated.    Regards, Anahit 
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According to the documentation here a database snapshot can’t be created directly, only through transact SQL.

The better option would be to create a backup as described here:

and share this with someone to restore this on their system



Anyone who is interested with this question. I’ve achieved the result with following support answer:

Could you please clarify what you're trying to achieve? Move a snapshot of your built-in database to a SQL Server database? If so, you can do that using Studio Pro using the instructions in our documentation.
You should set the configuration to connect to the SQL database. You then have to add the source database settings to point to the built-in database:

  • SourceDatabaseType: HSQLDB
  • SourceDatabaseName: Default (unless you changed the default name of the built-in database)

No other settings required.
If you then start the application locally from Studio Pro, it will retrieve the data from the built-in database and copy it to the SQL Server. You should only do this once! Once the data has been copied from the HSQLDB database to the SQL database, you should delete (or at least, deactivate) the configuration to prevent the data in the SQL database being overwritten with the data from the built-in database again the next time you start the application from Studio Pro.