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I thought that in the 2.5 release you can use attributes from objects associated to the current object via multiple steps. This holds for input fields in dataviews, columns in datagrids, and searchfields in datagrids I have a DataGrid-form that holds ProductData. The attribute ProductType is stored in a separate table and has a association with ProductData. With the standard Search function in the DataGrid-form the attribute ProductType is used as a pull-down search field which contains all values of the Entity ProductType. I was expecting only to show the values of ProductType where there is an association with ProductData. The DataGrid-form is enclosed by a DataView form containing ProductGroups. The reason is to show all ProductData belonging by a ProductGroup (via the ExplorerPane) Edit 1: Using the standard Search function in the DataGrid-form; Association: ProductsGroup 0-1 ProductData 1-0 ProductType. Edit 2: Pictures: Domain model: Used data. ProductData1 is linked to ProductType1 and ProductGroup1 and ProductData2 is linked to ProductType2 and ProductGroup2 : The ProductsOverview form is opened via a MF which only opens "ProductGroup1" and ProductData is enclosed by the ProductGroup: The question is why for the Search field ProductType1 and ProductType2 visible (should only be ProductType1 (same for ProductGroup):
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If you show an associated object type it is correcy behaviour that it shows all possible objects, the default is to show everything because it is easier to show less than to show more ;-)

You can put an xpath constraint on your search parameter, here are some examples

Show all types that are associated through product data with the group in your dataview


Show all types that are associated through any productdata object with any ProductGroup object


Show all producttypes that are associated through any product data object with any productgroup with a group code that has a specific value or status

 [MyFirstModule.Main_sub/MyFirstModule.ProductData/MyFirstModule.Main_Group/MyFirstModule.ProductGroup[contains(GroupProductGroup, 'A')]]

Trying to understand the question:

you searchbutton accesses the Producttype and it shows ALL producttype, not just the ones associated with the Productdata

so you have ProductGroup > ProductData > ProductType

And you Form is based off ?? ProductGroup ??

Maybe you can add part of the Domainmodel and a screenprint ? Other then that I would guess that your association is set wrong, or is not yet activated? and you should define a contraint


This holds for input fields in dataviews, columns in datagrids, and searchfields in datagrids.

As i understood, this means that you can search for objects being associated to the you object selected in the search field, and NOT that the available search values themselves are constrained by those associations.

(but I am not completely sure whether i understand your question correctly)