Basic authentication for Mendix published webservice

Our client would like to connect to a Mendix published webservice via Basic Authenticaton (in the HTTPS header), in stead of authentication in the SOAP header. How can we achieve publishing a webservice via Basic Authentication?
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Basic authentication via the header isn't possibly ootb with Mendix, you could create a custom request handler that handles the request. The consuming side could post the message on the requethandler and then you can handle the header and soap envelope in the code of the requesthandler. There are several approaches available, but maybe you can handle the header and authentication part and 'redirect' the envelope to a standard Mendix web service when the authentication is passed. That way you can make use of most of the OOTB features from Mendix (like validation against the wsdl, etc) and only have to implement the authentication and 'redirect' in a custom java request handler.