Mendix Job Board

I cannot seem to find a place where one can hire a mendix developer? I don’t see a job board.  I do see the partner page however we are looking for a full time in house-developer not a dev shop per-se. Can someone help?
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Hi Travis, 

You can try the Slack #Careers channel


or if in need of temporary quality assistance try  (only for clients and freelancers)

Most of the freelancers found here are Expert certified.


There isn't a job board anymore. This might return in the future, but won't be of help for you now.


Finding an experience Mx developer in Texas/US is hard. If you do have experience java/.net/… developers, learning Mendix with a steep learning curve is the best route to take.


If you need assistance on this, being a Mx trainer for 12+ yrs I might be able to help you ;-)