If the class is created in Java separately from Java Action

Hi!   If I create a class in Java separate from Java Action, I would like to know the standard procedure for adding management in Mendix package.   Example: Marketplace modules [CSV] ~\javasource\csv\impl¥CSV.java and ~\javasource\csv\actions\ExportCSV.java Referring to the relationship between Create Java Action [A] and Java Class [B] that [A] refers to. JavaAction generates skeleton code in Mendix, but Java in 【B】 will be coded outside the Mendix.   [B] java is not included in the target even if ExportModulePackege is used. Since the development itself was conducted in Eclipse, the final commit to SVN was done on the Eclpse side. Eclpse side committed to SVN.   Can these be controlled on the Mendix? I would like to refer to any case like this. It would be helpful if you could answer my question. Thanks, Iwata
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The claas that you created in Eclipse will be committed to the teamserver SVN and will be used in the packages you build when you add the class in the same package for example. This class will then end up in the javasource directory under the module you’ve build the class in.

Placing the class somewhere completely different will result in the class not being picked up when building a package. If this is a requirement somehow, then export your class as a jar file and add the jar file to the userlib directory to make sure you are able to access the class from the “action’ class that is created from your Mendix java action.

For an example of additional classes have a look at the SAML module e.g. from the market place