Exception write access (...) is not configured yet

I'm getting the following runtime exception when running my project in Mendix 2.5.1-rc1: Write access for member 'Running' of object 'Logging.ProcessInfo' is not configured yet. I've already tried the following, but in each case the exact same exception occurs: running the project with security completely disabled running the project with security enabled and the correct security settings removed all entity access and added all access rights for all user roles to all entities/attributes in the module Also, the action that causes this exception runs as a scheduled event, so it should already have all access privileges by running in a system session. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?
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Usually it means that no context is available. So if you are manipulating a proxy or IMendixObject you should call the functions and provide a IContext object, instead of using the functions without context.


There are two requirements for you to get that exception:

  1. context is null OR the context doesn't have "system" rights
  2. No write access whatsoever has been configured for that entity.

How are you accessing the entity from the scheduled event? Directly via a change activity?