custom webservice header not rendering

Hello, I have an issue regarding webservices + was:To headers, i am trying to get: <soap:header xmlns:wsa=""><wsa:to>http://imputPath.svc</wsa:to></soap:header> included into my custom header field by setting: <wsa:to xmlns:wsa=""> <wsa:to>http://imputPath.svc</wsa:to> in the custom header section of my webservice call.. i however keep getting errors on redering this part, i have tried many variations. Can you provide an example on how to add this as a custom header? the forums and www have not been sufficient so far, also the security headers have not been any help. Kind Regards, Rob van den Berg
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Have you tried this?

<wsa:to xmlns:wsa="">http://imputPath.svc</wsa:to>