OIDC authentication with Azure AD - http 500 redirect

Hi all,   I implemented the OIDC module with Azure and the happy flow is working fine. However, when an Account can not be found in our app I get (of course) the StatusCode 500 and ReasonPhrase 'Unable to provision user’.   But how can I make sure I'm redirected to an error page or the login page again?   I tried to change the webCallback microflow but that doesn't do anything.  
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The webCallback flow is called as a REST service, so any actions that happen on the client side need to be done via the HTTP response code and not any Mendix client microflow actions.


So in your case, I think you’d need to add/adjust the error handler flow to return a HTTP 302 with a Location header pointing to a new URL where the user should be sent. Look at the happy path in that flow – it also performs an HTTP 302 redirect.


The new URL could be a link to the login page, or a deep link to an error page.