i want to make read only (Reqest) when choose GET on same Page

Hi when i go through with this but that entity(method)  is not showing. here i used method entity as a reference selector in Transaction(Entity) New edit pages. so i waant when i choose GET through reference selector on same page then reqquest nox shoul be read only or disable on same page.      
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Hey Ashish,

For this, make an attribute of type bool and set it to false,

Now place a container below the button and put a dataview inside it. Now set the conditional visibility of the container to $Transaction/bool=true.

Now on the button which shows the dataview call a microflow, which changes the bool to true and refreshes the object.  

(Don't forget to Set dataview’s editability to no).

Hope it helps!



Generate Overview Page for Transaction and see Method(Ref Selector) is visible in NewEdit Page Else Try adding a reference selector in Transaction Newedit and check your able to select the method. For Disable / enable fields, Please read this  Conditional Editability . please elaborate if you are looking for anything else !!