Pluggable Web Widget, Action with Parameter?

  I’m in need of a widget currently not available in Marketplace, so I decide to build it as Pluggable-Web-Widget(PWW). Inside the PWW I defined a Datasource with multiple Attributes linked to it to get the Data there – works fine.   As I can’t “yet” call the setValue on props directly I need some workaround for getting the data back to backend. Is there a way to call a “Action” in PWW that calls a Microflow with Parameters?  I found a Post from Herman some time ago where he describes that he does a workaround like this, unfortunately I can’t get it done on my own till now. I would appreciate some advise, ty.
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To my knowledge this is still missing in the Pluggable widgets API. You have to load the Client API in your Pluggable widget and use the features in there to update the attributes…