Refresh check boxes

I’m selecting multiple data at time using check boxes and it’s working, but when i again try to select data from the list previously whatever i selected via check boxes those are already selected. which means this listview with check boxes are not getting refresh. what is the solution for this ?
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Hey Lakshmi,

Are the checkboxes changing the bool attribute of a persistent entity?

if so, this is the expected behavior of checkboxes, because they are already set to true.


If you want to be able to select things multiple times, you can use an NPE and use its dataview and then place the checkbox where the pervious checkbox was, and then using an on change microflow, you can implement the logic,


Hope it helps!


Hi Lakshmi,

                     According to your usecase the checkboxes need to be Refreshed as unchecked.

   So you have to do this logic in a Microflow /Nanoflow by using a Non-Persisent Entity.

That Non-Persistent Entity should be the Page Parameter and the ListObjects are associated with the NPE Object.

  After you selected the Checkboxes and when you done your functionality then you should set the boolean value as false and give the Refresh in client as YES using Loop in a Microflow/Nanoflow with Change Object Activity. And the List should be the associated with the NPE Object for Retriveing your list.