Error in Calling AWS REST APIs

Hi Experts,   I want to create email identity on AWS SES from mendix. For that there is AWS API. I have tested that API in postman and it is working fine. Now how can I call that API in Mendix because in postman I have used the AWS signature for authorization but in Mendix there is no option for the AWS signature. Please suggest, how AWS SES APIs are called in Mendix?
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Hi Harshraj Singh,
Mendix has published a new AWS Authenticator module which has the function to Create an AWS signature. 
 They have also published other connectors like AWS Rekognition. Feel free to Download those modules as and check how they have implemented the signature.

AWS Authentication Connector:

AWS Rekognition :


To give some insight into the Signature, we have to generate the Signature beforehand and pass the signature in the custom headers in our Rest call ( In postman signature calculation is automated ).


Hope this Help!!!