Search functions with conditions

Hi expert,   I want to build a page where I can search for particular information with some conditions Example, I want to search a car model contain any text (minimum 4 character)  AND with the description that input by user   then display the output as a list   May I know how can I do this?  
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Hi Rene,

If you are filtering based on 2 attributes you can use this method:

You can basic checks like Character > 4 , model name !=empty , description!=empty

use Retrieve from database and use contains in Xpath.

1st Retrieve : xpath : [contains(ModelName,$Filter/ModelName)]  (List 1 )

2nd Retrieve : Xpath : [contains(Description,$Filter/Description)]   (List 2)


Now use Intersect List operation in List 1 and List 2

I have created a sample microflow for your reference.