Gallery (or Data Grid 2), Non-Persistent Entity List, and Filter/Sort

I’m using OQL to populate a list of non-persistent objects that I use to populate a gallery.  I was previously using data grid 2, but ran into the same issue.  The first time I sort/filter, everything is fine.  The second time I sort/filter, the objects lose state and I can’t navigate off the grid with microflows or nanoflows.  Do you have any suggestions on how to get around this?  I don’t think I have any objects I can change using the onchange events of the filter/sort.   Here’s an image to help visualize.
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To resolve this (and in the interest of time), I switched to using server side functionality for sorting/filtering.  I was able to get past the filtering problem with changes to a helper wrapper under the filter’s onchange event, but sorting doesn’t have events, so had to build my own server side into the OQL call.