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Hi, In my dev environment of localhost I can reach my URL properties page with no issue such as http://localhost:8080/p/archive. However when I put publish this to Mendix service console and go to the page example https://myapp.funky-ms-mendix.funkyds.com/p/archive I get a 404 - File or directory not found. Is there something that needs to be configured in Mendix service console to allow parameter URL linkage? Or is there something that needs to be configured in IIS? or both?  
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In an on Premise deployment you have to make the p/ available via the pattern in URL Rewrite in IIS. My specific pattern looks like this: ^(file|link/|xas/|p/|ws/|ws-doc/|sso/)(.*)   As you can see the p/ is in the pattern.


Hey George,


There is a setting for this on the cloud platform.


First navigate to your application on the cloud platform then go to you environment details.
Then look under the network tab and you will find a the path based access restrictions table.  There is a line item for /p/ path and you have me make sure that is set to allow access.


Hope this helps!

Danny Kumpf