Cant display dynamic images.

Hi, I want to create a dynamic image in home page but whenever I try to upload an image , the uploaded image is not displaying in the home page. For that I created entity which has the generalization of system.Image. In Home page, I gave data view which has microflow contains retrieve from database. For uploading a picture, I created a microflow which is shown below. I would like to dispaly the recent uploaded image in the home page. whenever I upload an image, the previous image in home page will change to the new image.Is it possible to do so?  
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Hi Kavipriya,


This is possible. You can add another Boolean attribute (latest) in your Home_Image entity. Then when you upload a new image change the previous images Boolean value to false and set the new images Boolean value to true.

On home page you can retrieve object with Boolean value true and display it.


Hope this helps :)