Number of records in List view

 Hi Community,   I am using List view and the number of records displayed on the list will be set from the backend. How can I set it from the frontend? (The page size which is set from backend, I want it from frontend)   Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh
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There is no easy way to do this.


You could create a helper object where the user can enter the amount. If you set this amount, trigger a data source microflow that retrieves the data with the limit filled from the helper object.


Again, this isn't a nice solution, but it should work.


You need a way to access the API and then change it. one option could be to go with mendix client api using html widget or javascript action but I think the API is changed as I faced issue in accessing the listview.


// Get the list view widget
var listView = dijit.byId("ListView1");

// Set the page size to 20