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Hi all,   I am creating a app where the user have to login first . I have a master table to create new user . Now my question is I have to include validation where once the user enter his username and password, it should check if the user details are correct in master table ,if the details are correct should be able to login.   Can someone help me with this?
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Within the Create NewUser flow you should have a parameter with the entered userdata. You can use exclusive splits to check if the attributes you want are filled correctly. You could even check if there is an existing user with the same username (retrieve from user where name is $inputobject/name)


Hi Ramya,


Let the login button activate a Nanoflow.

In this nanoflow,

  1. Check if the Username and Password are given
  2. Add the Sign In function to the flow

If the credentials are correct the user will be redirected to the given homepage.

If the credentials are not correct, Mendix will create validation feedback.


It is a bad practice to retrieve users, because you open up the list of users and somebody who is not authenticated can spoof the user list (by entering different user names).



Hope this helps.