Teamcenter object creating through mendix

In teamcenter sample application there is option to create item in mendix which saves in Teamcenter. Now, I want to replicate same process for issue creation (Issue creation has completely different fields to fill). How do I do that? It would be really great, if anyone could help me in this. Thanks in advance. Please help.
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You can create items of any type in a similar way to that shown in the example app.

For the extra attributes/fields, you have 2 options:

  1. Create the item and revision the same way as for a standard Item type and then modify the properties after creation. This won’t work if any properties are mandatory on creation, so you would need to use the second option
  2. Create the item and revision with properties set on creation. In order to fill the extra attributes for a different item type (such as IssueReport), you need to create an Entity for the IssueReportRevisionCreateInput which matches the CreateDescriptor in the Teamcenter data model. IssueReportRevisionCreateInput is a specialisation of ItemRevisionCompoundCreateInput but with the extra attributes. Then when you create the IssueReport you reference your IssueReportRevisionCreateInput object and the extra attributes will be mapped for you, as long as the names match those in Teamcenter

For instance, I have a custom item type in Teamcenter called CM5_MyItem. The associated revision (CM5_MyItemRevision) has new attributes called cm5_Property1 and cm5_Property2.

These are added to the CreateDescriptor in Teamcenter:

I have an Entity in my Mendix app to match the create descriptor:

When I create an Item I use this:


I hope this helps