Events (Microflow) not working on Not Editable Text Box Fields

I have implemented the create data form where I have some fields like ‘’Value A is multiplying with Value B and the answer is stored in Value C. The Value C is Not Editable Text Box field. I have another field where I want to change the value according to the value of C. I have created a Microflow and that Microflow is only working whenever I make the field Editable. When I set Value C to Not Editable the 4th field is not working. Please let me know if I can do this. Thank you!
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Hi Asad,


I got your point, when you want to change the another field on the basis of value C (which is non editable)  you can call that created microflow ( of another field) in attribute level, where it takes value of C and make calculations and pass the result. 


Note: Another field should be again non editable!!


Hope it will be helpful..