Please advise in Become a Rapid Developer 9.3. Create Use Roles

Hi I follow up the matter in 9.3.2 Create User Role step by step. However, I ‘m not sure that I do sth wrong that it has errors as picture attached. So I can not run locally because there is still errors. (first picture) The second picture is after I double click at error message.  Please help me.  
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Hey Adisorn,

Looks like you created new modules and deleted the user module role,

And as the user role was set to ‘User’, it is trying to access the module role,

Now, for removing the error, go to domain model→ Course entity→ access rule tab→ remove the access rule for userRole ‘User’.

You can refer to the image below,


Let me know if you face any issues, 

Hope it helps!