SQL IN clause in XPATH/OQL, and return the result as an Object instead of String

Hey guys, Trying to execute the below equivalent of XPATH/OQL, however it doesn’t work.   SELECT em FROM EmployeeMaster em WHERE em.EmpID IN (‘101’, ‘105’, ‘170’, ‘240’, ‘770’);   Problem with XPATH : It never accepts IN clause at all. Problem with OQL : It didn’t return the List<EmployeeMaster>. Instead it returned a long string that contains the resultant 4-5 odd rows. I just need the IN clause to be executed as a constraint, and the return value to be a list of EmployeeMaster equivalent to below JSON. { { 101, “Vishal”, “Pune”, “Solutions Architect” } ,   { 105, “Maya”, “Delhi”, “Developer” } ,   { 170, “Stephan”, “London”, “Lead” } ,   { 240, “Emily”, “New York”, “Quality Analyst” } ,   { 770, “Amelia”, “Munich”, “Sr Developer” } } Thanks in advance !
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You can use ‘or’ clauses in XPath to mimic this. 

So if your EmployeeMaster entity is in MyFirstModule, something like this should retrieve the objects with those matching EmpId attributes.

//MyFirstModule.EmployeeMaster[EmpId='101' or EmpId='105' or EmpId='170' or EmpId='240' or EmpId='770']

There are more details on XPath constraints in the Mendix documentation that explain things in greater depth.


If you need this as JSON, you can then use an Export Mapping to convert the returned Mendix objects to JSON.

I hope this helps.