Add Indexes to Json

I have this string :  "Control Master Data","Scheduler INACTIVATED","C048959 - 1.0 for SIEMENS AG was inactivated. Reason: jkhjhjk",null,null,null,null,"2023-01-01 17:17:40.803",null,null,null,null,null,null,null” and I want to convert it to json and add indexes like this: {   "0": "Control Master Data",   "1": "Scheduler ACTIVATED",   "2": "C048957 - 1.0 for SIEMENS AG was activated",   "3": null,   "4": null,   "5": null,   "6": null,   "7": "2023-01-01 17:16:44.634",   "8": null,   "9": null,   "10": null,   "11": null,   "12": null,   "13": null,   "14": null } How can I do that?
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The easiest way to make this string usable in Mendix would be to add [] around it and consider it as a JSON array of strings which you can feed into an import mapping. 

Why do you want it like you say? Having fixed numbers as keys, is definitely not Mendix style, as that means 14 attributes with numbers as names.