Is there anyway to edit production data for a change?

Hi Team,   While working on the Production environment I mistakenly entered some wrong inputs in my application. I created an approval process for 3 tasks in my app. I’m using a dropdown menu for these options. For example, there are Task1, Task2 and Task3 in the dropdown list.   Now, the problem is if someone not selecting any of these 3 tasks, and normal select option is choosen the approval process still working finely. And for that reason the Wrong data has been entered in the application. Also the assigned user approved the process. So somehow I need to edit the data and need to change the option from backend.   Can anyone suggest me how can I edit this data ?   Thanks & Regards, Tanmay Ghosh
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you can simply add edit functionality into your app. Best use some Administrator role for this.

You could also download a backup, modify it and upload it again.

regards, Fabian


Hello Tanmay,


I would highly suggest installing the Bizzomate Mendix Dev Tools (


This allows you to have a direct view of the database and edit/delete whats needed, assuming you have the permissions to do so.