Retrieve activity in Nanoflow fetches deleted records

Hi Everyone,   Certain records was deleted from an Entity in a microflow using Delete List activity, but later in another page On click Button event, nanoflow was called and Retrieve activity was done on same entity which fetches the deleted records along with existing records.   When I change the  On click Button event to call microflow instead of nanoflow and do Retrieve activity on same entity, it doesn’t fetches the deleted records.   I was just trying to understand that whether that was the expected nanoflow behavior or am I doing something wrong.   Thanks in Advance, Balaji Sekar
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Hi Balaji


This does indeed have to do with how a Nanoflows run differently from Microflows.

See the documentation on Nanoflows, specifically chapter 3, point 6:


3 Differences from Microflows

There are five main differences between nanoflows and microflows:

  1. When a nanoflow steps through its actions, client actions are directly executed. For example, an open page action immediately opens a page instead of at the end of the nanoflow. This is different from client actions in a microflow, which only run when the client receives the result from the microflow.
  2. When used in nanoflow activities, expressions do not support the following objects and variables: $latestSoapFault$latestHttpResponse$currentSession$currentUser$currentDeviceType.
  3. Nanoflows are not run inside a transaction so, if an error occurs in a nanoflow, it will not roll back any previous changes.
  4. Nanoflows and microflows do not provide the same actions. Some actions available in microflows are not available in nanoflows, and vice versa.
  5. Because nanoflows use JavaScript libraries and microflows use Java libraries, there can sometimes be slight differences in the way expressions are executed.
  6. Changes done to the lists in a sub-nanoflow are not reflected in the original nanoflow.

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