Run scheduled event on cloud

Hi Reader,   I am using scheduled event on mendix. It is working fine on mendix local run but scheduled event is not working when application is deployed on mendix cloud.   How can I run scheduled event on cloud?  
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Hi Harshraj Singh,

Scheduled events can be tested locally, but they will not be run if your app is deployed as a Free App. See the Free App section of Mendix Cloud for more information on Free App limitations.

Please refer this link for more details on scheduled event.

Hope this helps you.

Thank you.


There isn’t any alternative but i can suggest a hack, Write a java action which will execute periodically, check quartz dependencies. And from this java action call the microflow that you want to execute.


can you check if scheduled event is on in settings?
Got to environment details --> model options --> scheduled event. Also open the studio pro and check when is this scheduled event set to start . if the date is set somewhere in the future?