Can we have different widget for displaying for same field in create & edit of same form?

In form, I have field named status- for which I want to display value as 'Active' while creating a new entry. But while editing same form I want status value to be displayed in drop-down. How can I achieve this? (I have taken 'Status' attribute type as enum.) For above problem I did following based on answers received & still it's not working- 1. I have created two different forms. one for adding data & one for editing data. Still when I am trying to access attribute in different widget on different form, it's not working. 2. I have created one new attribute for same entity having default value set as 'Active'. But it didn't worked with it. 3. I have edited conditions for editability to never, still it did not worked. Can you please suggest some solution?
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Hi Snehal,

I don't fully understand your question, but here's a shot: When you generate a form in Mx 6 it creates radiobuttons for enums. You can replace this with a dropdown via right-click, add-widget, input, Drop-down.