Expose business logic thru web service

My current solution handles the registration of new users thru a wizard with consequential forms. This is implemented in microflows behind 'next' buttons. How can I expose this functionality via web services because it must be included in a rich content environment? And no, IFrames are no option. Publishing existing users etc thru microflows is no problem.
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You cannot publish forms via webservices. Webservices are about function calls, not about user interaction.

You could publish each induvidual stap of the wizard though, but you have to write the UI (logic) in the target application.


Probably I have not been clear, but the customer has chosen for Mendix to maintain the complex logic and connection with the backoffice software. The websites (many brands) are maintained by a company specilized in end-user design. Maybe from Mendix perspective this should be merged into one system, but that's no option.

I made a prototype that has each form as entity, published thru a webservice. After completing a step the next step is returned. Internal entities are filled after completing the wizard. This made it a general layer for exposing business logic.

Any alternatives?


Mm.. guess i still do not understand your question. In the modeler you can publish any microflow as a webservice, which can be called by any system with decent WSDL support. So in your target application you need to program the UI, and the invocation of those webservices. I don't think Mendix can ease this anyhow.