Refresh on Browser Button

Hi Team,   I am working on any pages of application then I am clicking on refresh then it will redirect on Home page always, It should be redirect on previous page where I am working. Is it  possible when I  am doing refresh can we stay on same page ?   Thanks Disha Sharma
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Try setting a URL for your page in the properties panel.

If the page takes an entity as a parameter then this will include an ID that will be used to retrieve the correct data from the database. You should be able to refresh your page if this is set.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Hi Disha! If you use the refresh button of the browser you will always go back to the default homepage of your app, as you effectively restart the app in the browser.


When redeploying (locally) after you did some changes to a page, the app will reload with the new changes and stay on the page you are currently on with any data you might have entered previously.