Need to set visibility condition for button inside snippet

Hello, I have a snippet (data source entity= D). Inside this snippet, have a button. I want to set visibility for this button on the basis of attribute of associated entity attribute. For example, Entity P and D are associated. So I want to set visibility on the basis of one of the attribute of entity P. But not able to do that.    Its showing error like this and not able to see any attribute of entity P.   How can I do that. Please help me out.   Thanks
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Hi Trishla,


You are not able to directly use the attribute of the associated object for visibility. You can only use the attributes or associations of the currentObject itself, not that of the associated objects. What I would recommend is that you first retrieve the associated object via a data view. You can place the button inside and then use the currentObject (which is now the correct object) for your visibility. Good luck!


Kind regards, Esther