Sharing data between components

Hi,   I would like to share data between components and i don't know how. In my case i have a maps component on the left side of the page and a button on the right side. The button is calling a microflow to retrieve data from an API. I want the map on the left to use that data once the button is clicked and not before that.   The end goal is to have a form on the right side as a filter to call the api with some parameters and the map on the left has to respond on the locations found.     Thanks in advance.
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Hi Mark,


What I would do is to wrap an (non)persistent entity helper around the form and the map. So when you retireve data from the api (which can trigger the refresh in client), you can update your map as well, with the attribute value that were changed by the api-retrieve


Hope this wil help. Good luck,