Notifications on Web App

Hi,    I was wondering the best way to implement a notification system for my web-app, I see various modules in the marketplace for mobile apps/push notifications, but I am hoping to build it where I have an icon in the top right of my browser screen and the notification when something is changed, it write that change to a notification object and after it is opened,  it is deleted.    Additionally how to write the specific change to a notification. For example if an order delivery date changes, how would I write that the date changed from ‘original date’ to the ‘new date’ as opposed to saying it just changed in general?    Any guidance is greatly appreciated. 
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One option might be to use the pusher module (

This allows you to create a subscription to messages and notify users of the changes and can be customized to fit your needs.


What if there is a Pluggable widget which subscribes to Firebase FCM(it could be some other Push Notification Service Provider)

When the widget Loads we could load the Firebase Configs and then subscribe to receive messages (before that ask permission from user to receive notifications)

When a message comes then we could trigger a MF which creates and commits to a Entity which you can do by enabling system properties createdon. Which then can be used to drive your icon.


Seems like a long shot but possible.