Using Responsive web & Responsive web offline inside the same app

Is it possible to provide parts of an app as offline Progressive Web App (Profile: Responsive web offline) and other parts as online only (Profile: Responsive web) WITHOUT having the restrictions of the offline profile in the online part? Why: One checklist of our app needs offline capabilities, because it needs to be filled out on the go. In other parts of the app we need features not available to offline apps (like calculated fields, search bars on grids etc.) What I tried: Created the two profiles. Created the offline page and added it to the navigation of the “Responsive web offline” profile. Created a second “online” page containing a search bar on a grid and added it to the “Responsive web” profile navigation. As a result I get “Grids with a search bar are not supported on pages that are accessible through an offline profile”, even though the page is ONLY in the navigation of the “Online” profile.    
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The support found the answer:

I was using an Atlas_Default layout for the offline page. And that contains an ONLINE NavigationTree.

So to resolve this I had to create a separate layout that contains an offline NavigationTree that can be used within the offline pages.