SAML - The authentication was successful, but there is no account available in this application.

Hi all,  I am SAML module for SSO in my application. If the user who’s trying to access my application doesn’t have an account/registered into my application, then this message comes up.    I want to know if there’s any way to change/modify this message text/content and to replace Mendix logo with my application logo.  Can someone please help me in this? Thank You.  
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You can edit the constant DefaultLoginPage. You can specify a different login page here for when the login process fails. See also chapter 2 of


If that doesn't work for you: another thing you can do is add custom CSS to the elements on this page. You can use this to hide the logo, for example:

.saml-container > .login-form > .login-logo {
     display: none;

You can even use the before and after to edit the content.


Hope this helps!