Open Hyperlink in new tab for Document template PDF

Hi everyone,    I have created a link within my generated PDF by using a dynamic label with XHTML set to ‘yes’.   The attribute has an <a> tag hyperlink, ie: '<a style="color: #FFFFFF;" target="_blank" href="<link-name>">Test link</a>'   The link works fine in the pdf except that it opens the hyperlink in the current page despite already having the “_blank” target attribute. I need the hyperlink to be opened in a separate tab, not the same one as the pdf file.   Any idea on how to work around this issue? 
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Hi Kevin,


Try using Deeplink Module. You can create a deep link microflow which gets called when you click on hyperlink. It shows the page you want in new tab. 


For more details, please refer Deep link Module Documentation.


This might help you:


But when you Google your issue it seems more something related how PDF files work.


Good luck.