SAML IDP config toggle while being active, deactivating on its own

Using the SAML module for SSO configs within multiple apps I’ve noticed a bug that keeps happening.  While I can’t seem to find a pattern on what triggers this phenomenon I keep thinking it might be an issue with the module itself and wondered if anyone else experiences this.  Scenario:  IDP toggle automatically seems to toggle to No while still displaying Yes within the IDP config tab. This leads to the SSO login page to show a 404 nginx not found page. The only way to resolve this for now is logging in as MxAdmin and reactivating the idp by clicking the toggle active button twice. This is a not a sustainable solution though since this keeps happening and we can't seem to recreate what causes this and just have to be alert to manually fix whenever this happens.
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Dear Sepideh Zarrinkelk,


I have the same problem, and do you have a solution now?





  • Check SAML module version: Ensure the latest version is used.
  • Review release notes and changelogs: Look for fixes related to the bug.
  • Analyze server logs: Check for error messages or warnings related to the SAML module when the issue occurs.
  • Verify configuration: Double-check all SAML configuration settings for consistency.
  • Reproduce the issue: Attempt to identify steps that trigger the bug.
  • Consider any external influences affecting the SAML module's behavior.


Reach out to Mendix support or module developers with detailed information for assistance.