How to release memory

Hi there!   I have memory problems with Mendix. Is it possible to do garbage collection explicitly? I tried to do it with a Java action, but it was not possible with an error. Could you please tell me if there is any way to do this?   Thanks, Iwata
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You cannot influence the Java garbage collection. However you can improve the memory use

  1. Analyse the cause of the memory problems. No of users? Inefficient microflows? Long lists? Inefficent retrieves.
  2. Dropdowns without any limits retrieving too much data?
  3. Retrieve only what you need, filter in xpath where possible not in the loop.
  4. For more than 500-1000 objects use batches.
  5. Clear lists that are no longer used.
  6. In emergency cases use community commons ‘endtransaction’
  7. Run microflow in task queue for long running stuff.
  8. Commit in lists
  9. Listen to the performance bot
  10. Use OQL instead of creating reports with xpath retrieves


For batches see


In Academy you can find an example of Batches:
Academy Module: Win at Working with Data