Excel Importer error: Could not parse value to Decimal

I have a spreadsheet that I’m using the excel importer for. All values are decimals and blanks are allowed. Most rows import fine. The rows with all decimals import fine. Rows with blanks usually import fine. Occasionally I’ll get an error with a line number and this error:    Caused by: replication.ValueParser$ParseException: Could not parse value '' to Decimal in column #9   The column number varies sometimes, but when i look up the line number and the column number, it seems to OCCASIONALLY happen when there are blanks. By first thought was maybe there was a SPACE. but that wasn’t the case. Then I thought maybe there were special characters, but I used a couple of websites that let you paste text and it will show you all the unicode characters and I only get  CR-LF characters (as expected in Excel). All the blank cells that DO import have exactly this same CR-LF value as well as the decimal cells at the end. That’s just the way excel is.    Does anyone know why exactly some blank cells would fail while others import just fine? 
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Not a direct answer to your question but depending on the use case I mostly import all the data in an entity first. From there on I do my conversions, this way you are more on control of the data you import. You can view the data and you can create logic on top of it if it is required. For example you can make reporting on the failures and let the rest of the import continue.