unable to commit my mendix code .

I am trying to commit my code through version control but its not happening . when i was commiting then i got one pop -up msg regarding team server i wanted to presss yes but by my mistake i pressed on no button. so the error is showing while i am  trying to commit . My mendix version is 9.19 and have git .The error is mention below – one or more files are conflicted . Please use an external tool to resolve these conflict.There are conflict preventing us from completing the merge , which must be resolved befoe continuing . if conflict are only present on disk , please use an external too to resolve them .    please help me and provide solution step by step  in detail manner thankyou 
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Hi Ashish,


Please check if your changed files in workspace have locked files. In case of code conflicts, repo server locks file which does not allow to perform any action until the locked file is unlocked.


If possible try to get Git client on your machine and see for locked files.