Outlook Meeting Invitation

We are wanting to allow users to send a pre-defined meeting invite text with date, time, location information from table fields when the user clicks on the email invitation; however, we want to pause the process to allow them to personalize the invitation as well as determine the recipient.  Is there a way to do this via Mendix?
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Hi Cheryl,


This is definitely possible, it can be done by consuming a rest service which provides SMS services.

The first step is to select an SMS service API that you can integrate into your mendix application.  Twilio is a good option as there is a twilio connector on the mendix marketplace which is a great starting point (there are also many other SMS API options out there.)


Once you have a basic SMS sending REST call set up in your mendix app you will be able to see how you could take some user input stored in a mendix object(string, int, etc.) and insert that input into the outgoing REST call.


This is just a general overview but hopefully gets you pointed in the right direction.