Datagrid 2 column filters

Hello community,  I would like to filter by a custom content column that has multiple attributes. Is it that possible? I believe it is not possible to filter in the same column for more than one attribute, this would be possible in the header filter (but I need the filters in the columns) …  Thank you for the answer in advance :)  
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Hi Nicole Baptista,

This is possible. 
-> Add a new column textbox in the data grid. Note that it should not be text Filter. 
-> Add On change event to call same MF/NF that is used as a datasource. 
-> All the inputs that are added in textbox filter should be checked across all the attributes for which you want filter to work
-> Like check for input with respect to attribute like username, email etc.

In this way you will have Datagrid 2 column filters.

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Hi Amit Gupta,

Thank you very much for your answer it really helps !