Is it possible to add an existing record to a generalization relationship

Here is an entity generalization relationship: User --> Contact --> StaffMember where Contact inherits from User, and Staff Member inherits from Contact (and thus also from User). If I create a Contact record it also creates the linked User record. If I create a Staff record it creates both the Contact and User records. If I have an existing Contact-User pair of records, and wish to convert this user into a StaffMember, is it possible to create a StaffMember record and link it to an existing Contact-User record pair? Currently I have to delete the existing Contact-User pair and recreate them from the Staff form, but that loses any links to existing ticket and other data.
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In mendix you cannot 'upcast' objects. However i do not know how many associations you are talking about, but if it are few, it is not too hard to model it out, and otherwise a Java action which solves this issue in a generic way is not to hard as well :).