Error while importing .xls file

There is option provided to import the excel file and .xls file can be uploaded from there. My application is hosted on private cloud so could not debug and check. Can some please provide solution for the same issue -   ExcelXLSReader: Excel Importer successfully imported 1661 rows ExcelXLSReader: Successfully finished importing 106 – (name of file) in 12555 ms close WARNING: Not all bytes were read from the S3ObjectInputStream, aborting HTTP connection. This is likely an error and may result in sub-optimal behavior. Request only the bytes you need via a ranged GET or drain the input stream after use.
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Hi Neha,


this is only a warning and no error. You can also check this forum entry:


For explanation I found this on stack overflow:


The warning indicates that you called close() without reading the whole file. This is problematic because S3 is still trying to send the data and you're leaving the connection in a sad state.

There's two options here:

  1. Read the rest of the data from the input stream so the connection can be reused.
  2. Call s3ObjectInputStream.abort() to close the connection without reading the data. The connection won't be reused, so you take some performance hit with the next request to re-create the connection. This may be worth it if it's going to take a long time to read the rest of the file.


Seems like you can’t really do anything about it except reporting this to Excel Importer.